Desktop PC Repairs

Hardware or software

Mobile Number: 07883 218 734

No Fix --- No Fee prices from £20

Windows crashes, E-mail not working, no network connections, error screens, printers not working, Computer or laptop won't even start, maybe won't even turn on does this all sound familiar. Be it a hardware or software problem I can find the best fix.

Hardware needs replacing I will let you know what you need and recommend a local supplier for the best price. My rates do not include hardware costs only fitting and configuration. If you are to busy to have a call out drop your pc off at my home workshop in Granton.

Running slow

Pop ups, Internet problems

Apps not responding

Windows updates stuck

Wont turn on

Windows does not boot to desktop

Windows re-installs

Hard drive / ram / graphics card issues

Sudden power loss

A full service for your pc including software scans, drive clean ups, start up optimized and updates. Also advice on any possible system upgrades. This service works best as a drop of and collect to the home workshop, Just like your car a computer can have a noticeable change in performance with a regular little service and a tune up.

If what you need is not covered in my website please fill out the call back form and i will get in touch with you. Or just give me a call on the number above.

Data Recovery from most devices.

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Granton Medway, Edinburgh

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