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No Fix --- No Fee prices from £20

£10 Callout ---- £20 an hour No fix no fee - diagnosis free if further work carried out , there is a fee of £15 if not.All parts are sourced separately and not included in these prices. I will help you source and order the correct parts at the best possible price.


Screen replacement £20

Keyboard replacement from £15

Ram memory from £15

Charging port repairs if possible from £35

Adaptor testing £10

Desktop PC'S

Power supply from £20

Ram replacement £20

Graphics card fitted £20

harddrive additions £20

Installs -- see software.

Software. computer operating systems.

windows factory resets £20

windows reset, keeping files £20

new in stalls of windows £40

Linux installs from £20

Heath check, service and speed ups £40

Malware / virus problems from £20 to £45.

Tablet Pc's, Android and Windows. Every tablet has different parts, many are repairable some the parts are hard to find. Please call or message with the make and model of your tablet and i will get back to you with a quote

Data recovery , SD cards, micro SD, usb pen/flash drives, internal harddrives and external back up drives. Internal harddrives and external harddrives, modern solid state harddrives or the more common harddrives of the sata variety. be it a laptop harddrive or desktop I have the equipment to deal with both. Lost deleted data or a drive formated by mistake. Or a drive no longer recognized by your computer, I can recover many different types of files and sizes of files from your lost photo's, documents , music, and films. and many special file types.

First 100gb of data recovery £30 and £20 for every extra 100gb up to 500gb. Please get in touch if you do require a larger recovery than 500gb.

Sd cards Usb pendrives, for first 16gb of data recovery £20 , 32gb £ 30 .... upto 256gb cards /pendrives at a cost of £40.


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